The Lunde Arboretum

Lunde Arboretum lies on the northern side of the Sognefjord, in the parish of Balestrand. It forms part of the vicarage grounds attached to the parish church at Tjugum, situated by the fjordside on highway 55. The Arboretum covers an area of about five acres, stretching from the road to the fjord, with the exclusion of an area around the vicarage itself. The aim of the Arboretum is to give information about the collection and to encourage an interest in botany, dendrology and horticulture. There is a new parking area with toilet facilities, paths adapted for handicap use and baby strollers, and info signs on the larger trees. A splendid bathing and grilling area has been created by the fjord with the help of local voluntary persons.

Today there are about 150 different varieties of trees and bushes from the whole world. The collection is not presented systematically according to family or genus, as is often the case in other Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, but after the geographical connection, such as Europe, Caucasus, Himalaya, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America. Four of the species are measured to be largest of their kind in the Norway. They all date back to the late vicar Sverdrup's time. What is most remarkable about these gigantic trees is the fact that they thrive here at 61° 15' North and 40° 9' East, not far from the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland.

The arboretum can be reached after a fine bike ride from the centre of Balestrand. You can find a special brochure on the arboretum at the tourist office.

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